How do I Know if There are Baby Squirrels in My Attic?

If you see Columbus squirrels on your home, running up the walls or jumping onto the roof, you can almost be sure that there are baby squirrels there as well, because adult squirrels looking to settle in your attic are pregnant females that want to find safe place to give birth to their babies. If your home has accessible entry points, then they will most likely enter the Ohio home, especially (and primarily) when pregnant female squirrel is looking for appropriate closed space to prepare a nest for babies.

When she gets inside she will prepare the nest prior the birth of babies, using materials available in the attic, such as insulation, cardboard, wood, etc. Very soon, probably within days, she will deliver the babies and breastfeed them until they are ready to start going outside with mother in order to learn finding food on their own. Generally, babies and mother will leave within a month or two.

Recognizing presence of baby Ohio squirrels in the first stage of their life, when they are still breastfeeding and don't move around is possible through the noises and sounds babies produce. Babies squeal, cry and make different noises that are audible in other parts of house. Also, they move a bit around the nest, so it is very possible that you will often hear their scratching-throughout the day and night, because both the adults and babies are active throughout the day.

Additionally, you will know for sure that you have got baby Columbus squirrels in your home if you notice visible nipples on an adult squirrel-this means that she is breastfeeding, the adult squirrel you notice around your home getting in and out of attic. When you know that you have got baby squirrels in your attic, you have to choose what you need to do with them. We would like to recommend you not to try to capture the babies and get them out of the attic-when they are small and immobile in the attic they are not capable to survive without their mother. The best solution would be to wait for few weeks so they get old enough to to be able to move independently and survive without mother. They will leave on their own when the babies grow up enough, so it would be much more humane to leave them be.

If you still insist on getting the babies and mother out of the attic, then it is the best to hire a Columbus professional to remove them in appropriate way and handle them all together afterwards. This is especially important during cold weather, because babies couldn't survive harsh weather even if they have mother by their side.

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