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Information About Canadian Geese

Canada goose is popular Columbus specie which is mostly identified because of the presence of some distinctive characteristics. This specie of goose has neck and head of black color and there are patches present on the region of face and rest of the body exhibits shade of brown and white. It is generally found in arctic regions of North America and at a number of occasions the migration of these Ohio creatures can extend towards the North of Europe. The specie has been introduced in following countries:
• United Kingdom
• New Zealand
• Chile
• Argentina

In a manner similar to other geese this creature is herbivores and shows migratory behavior and normally you can find it present closer to fresh water regions. The most significant aspect related with these creatures is that they are successful in living in Columbus regions that have been altered by humans and it has been proven that they can establish breeding colonies in urbanized as well as cultivated regions because there is an abundance supply of food present there. They enjoy the reputation of being common park species and their success in this regard has also earned them the title of being pest species because of the fact that they can bring damages to Ohio crops and in addition to this noise created by them, droppings and other irritating characteristics make them undesirable.

Black colored head along with chinstrap of white color is something, which differentiates Canada goose from other Columbus species. There are seven Ohio subspecies and these show a wide range of variations not only in size, but also in details of plumage. However, they can all be recognized as the Canada Geese.

Behavior and diet
The geese depict migratory behavior and it is a typical characteristic associated with these creatures. The males normally reflect agonistic behavior not only upon off breading, but also nesting grounds. This also have the inclusion of even specified killing of other Columbus geese. Coming towards diet these are herbivores animals, but sometimes they will also eat Ohio fish and other different kinds of small insects. Grains and green vegetables are included in their diet. In addition to this, beans, rice, wheat and corn are also included in their diet.

The Canada geese will search for its mate when it will get two years old and these are known for being monogamous and majority of couples live together for the remaining parts of their lives. Female lays eggs and during the incubation of eggs nest is protected by both of the Ohio parents.

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