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Problems Caused by Groundhogs Digging

Groundhogs are Columbus rodents that eat a lot and dig a lot. It is known that they can dig hundreds of pounds of dirt in their short life as well as eat a lot of greenery. The mere fact that they can eat as much as a pound of herbs in a single day is enough for any farmer to raise major concern. Groundhog's digging is equally important problem. As groundhogs dig, they leave loose soil behind them, due to the fact that they create tunnels and this can create very shaky ground for farm animals, pets and people. There were even cases where farm machinery has dropped deep into the ground because Ohio groundhog has created such a loose soil that it wasn't stable for machinery movement.

In certain cases that were extreme ones, groundhogs digging has caused serious damage to the foundations of houses, garages, barns and adjacent buildings. Groundhog digging also attracts other wild animals such as grey and red foxes, raccoons, opossums, etc. These Ohio animals also tend to live underground but don't know how to dig themselves. So, when they see Columbus groundhog's den, they will inhabit it themselves, which means that instead of one rodent on your property, there will other rodents or other wild animals on your property that pose danger for your family and pets.

Other problems you can encounter due to groundhogs on your property, besides digging and ravaging garden and fields, is the possibility of illness. Although groundhogs are rarely ever infected by dangerous diseases, it has been noted that they have contracted rabies as well as roundworm. They can also be carriers of Powassan disease which is very dangerous for humans. There are several available solutions for people with Columbus groundhog problem. They can choose to install mesh fence that will prevent groundhogs to ravage through gardens and fields. Cloths soaked in ammonia can also do good job. They will believe that this is urine of one of their predators all will go away from that property. If these solutions don't work, you can always try to get them away from your property with the live trap. These are one-way exclusion solutions that will enable you to trap the animal alive, unharmed and then to safely remove it from your property. This is best handled by the professionals, so make sure to contact Ohio wildlife animal company to do this work for you.

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